Sir Remi Sudhra al-Malik

Runaway al-Malik Knight and Captain of the Binturong


Sir Remi Sudhra al-Malik has generally handsome, if somewhat bookish features: a curly mop of dark hair frames his clean-shaven perso-indic features, and his emerald eyes sparkle behind a pair of thin-rimmed reading spectacles when confronted with new technologies or other wonders, frequently accompanied by a cheery grin. He generally wears a plain laced shirt and breeches (think corsair outfit), a green tunic vest embossed with gold floral filigree, black knee-high riding boots, and a utility belt filled with odds and ends (portable think machine, a few scrolls, a small pistol etc.) . He also carries an elegant saber with a peacock design on the pommel; a family heirloom and the insignia of his branch of the al-Malik house.


Sir Remi Sudhra al-Malik

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