Lady Asha Talib al-Malik

Beautiful and scheming daughter of Baronet Jassim Talib al-Malik


Outwardly, Asha Talib al-Malik is the very flower of Criticorum womanhood – in her eighteenth year, and quite attractive. Her chestnut hair curls in ringlets around her heart-shaped face with lovely brown eyes, her long lashes often masking them modestly. A great many men admire her well-rounded figure and note how she will make some lord quite a few babies (to say nothing of the enjoyment of siring them). Most expect she will make a lovely, blushing bride at the altar, but most do not know Asha Talib al-Malik at all.


In truth, Asha is far more clever, cunning, and worldly than her family or her intended husband imagine. She has had a number of flings and rolls in the hay, culminating in her affair with Sir Hendrick Van Gelder, a young knight in her father’s service. Although she entertains the romantic idea of running away with Hendrick or even marrying him, Asha is no fool. She has understood the realities of dynastic marriage since girlhood, and knows full well that marriage to her family’s former enemies could advance her standing in the world.

Lady Asha Talib al-Malik

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