Sir Khalid Al'ahad al-Malik

Heir to Baronet Ahmad Al'ahad al-Malik


Sir Khalid is a strapping young man: fairly tall and well muscled from weapons training, hunting, and riding. His features are rather plain, marred somewhat by pox scars from childhood and only casual attention to personal grooming. His new beard helps to cover some imperfections and add maturity to his otherwise young-looking face, as he is only twenty years old. Lady Asha Talib al-Malik hates his beard, but instead flatters him about it. He’s more comfortable in riding leathers than courtly finery, but cuts a fine figure either way.


Khalid never particularly wanted to be his father’s heir. He was content playing loyal future vassal to his brother Halmud, whom he admired and emulated. After Halmud’s death in battle, Khalid did his best to take his brother’s place, although he knows he never truly will in the eyes of the heart of his father Baronet Ahmad Al’ahad al-Malik. When his mother died of her grief, the gulf between Khalid and Baronet Al’ahad widened, and all Khalid could do was see to his duty to the best of his ability.

Sir Khalid Al'ahad al-Malik

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