Alleg Gashe

Sudhra al-Malik Bodyguard and Man-at-arms


Alleg is a large 6’4’’ and extremely powerful man. He keeps his black hair cropped short so as not to be pulled in combat. His dark eyes are usually covered with a shaded half visor, except when social situations make this impossible. His right side from neck to knee, including his right arm and hand were severely burned in combat when he shielded his superior from the blast of a plasma grenade. Since he was of the same age as Sir Remi Sudhra Al-Malik, and since they had been cordial in the past, he became the head of Remi’s protection detail upon conclusion of the war. Alleg keeps the scars covered as much as possible, wearing gloves when ever possible more to keep from disturbing others than from any vanity. Alleg will do anything needed to see the Al-Malik (at least Remi) prosper. He believes Remi’s honor is his honor, so if any underhanded, even murderous deeds need doing, he will take them upon himself to ensure Remi isn’t tainted with the deed. Even though he is equally skilled in combat with melee and firearms, Alleg prefers the sword believing it is more honorable and takes more bravery to use than other weapons.


Alleg Gashe

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