Tales of the Peacock Knight

Social Obligation

A Simple Errand (Act I)

Sir Remi Sudhra al-Malik meandered through the opulent hallways of the Palace of the Desert’s Whisper, his branch of the family’s ancestral home. He was summoned to an audience with his father, Baron Ifran Sudhra al-Malik, an event which rarely led to a positive outcome. He entered the Grand Chambers to find his father deep in thought as he analyzed a think machine readout. Remi paused at the door, waiting silently for his father to address him. Baron Sudhra al-Malik is a wealthy but extremely cautious and infirm diplomat. Every action is meticulously planned; he did not rise to power during the Emperor Wars by making overtly aggressive political or military maneuvers. This behavior had spread to all aspects of the Baron’s life, including his interactions with his last two living sons.

After a few moments, the Baron’s dour, long-faced Reeve advisor. Besir Kamih, announced Remi’s presence. “Sir Remi Sudhra al-Malik, my Lord, is here for his scheduled appointment as you requested.” Always so formal, even with me, Remi thought to himself. Baron Sudhra puttered his hovering chair up to his son and cut straight to business. “Remi, we have important family business, but due to my social obligations here, I will be unable to attend. It’s a simple errand, so I expect you to attend on my behalf to oversee things.” Mr. Kamih explained. The blood feud between the Talib al-Malik and the Al’ahad al-Malik families has raged for almost two hundred years. In the time of peace after the Emperor Wars, the Baron has worked to unify his power base and hopes to bring the blood feud to rest. After months of negotiations, the Baron has arranged a marriage between the heirs of two of his prominent banner families – Sir Khalid Al’ahad al-Malik and Lady Asha Talib al-Malik. “You are to travel to Jahreen Manor to oversee the nuptials between Sir Khalid and Lady Asha and ensure that there are no complications due to the bad blood between the two families.”



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