Tales of the Peacock Knight

Invited Guests

A Simple Errand (Act II)

At the break of dawn the next morning, Remi made his way down to the palace garage which also doubled as the family stables. The garage was abuzz with activity; a number of house servants loading his luggage into the Baron’s favorite antique skimmer – a Griffon Aircar the color of Shaprutan rubies. Remi could hear the whistling from below the vehicle’s undercarriage as Entered Austyn Ander, a member of the Supreme Order of Engineers, contracted through the Merchant League to act as the Baron’s personal Chief Engineer, ran a minor diagnostic on the skimmer. Ensign Corina Townsend, the Charioteer pilot and family chauffeur, sat in the driver’s seat of the Aircar with her feet up on the console. Waiting at the entryway to the garage was Mr. Kamih and Remi’s friend and personal bodyguard, Alleg Gashe. “Sir Remi,” The Reeve said with a slight bow, “I took the liberty of assembling an entourage to accompany you to Jahreen Manor. Please do let me know if you need anything further.”

“Everything is more than sufficient, Besir, thank you,” Remi answered. He was glad to see his close friends, Cory and Alleg, chosen for this task. Ander was an extremely capable technician and would come in handy to be sure. “I am ready to depart.” Soon after, the cadre sped off towards Jahreen Manor. If only the Reeve and his father knew what Remi had planned.



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