The Saga So Far

Fame. Fortune. Glory. Sir Remi Sudhra al-Malik, the fifth son of the great Baron Ifran Sudhra al-Malik, yearned for greatness, but he was constrained; al-Malik rights of inheritance would see his father’s vast wealth pass to his eldest brother, and Baron Ifran held Remi close and cloistered. Remi’s father, after losing two sons to the Emperor Wars, needed his remaining sons, the few that the Baron felt he trust in the never-ending maneuvering of House politics. Even through the burden of obligation, Sir Remi heard the Emperor’s call to quest, and he has heeded. The jump roads are re-opening and many look to the stars for new beginnings. Sir Remi has assembled his trusted companions — Cory Townsend, a sassy Charioteer-for-hire and family chauffeur; Austyn Ander, a commissioned engineer with a strange past; Alleg Gashe, an al-Malik man-at-arms and Remi’s personal bodyguard; and Lavant Moresh, a Reeve advisor and confidant. Together, Sir Remi seeks his fame, fortune, and glory amongst the stars, carving his own tales in the annuls of history.


As is often the case in the Known Worlds, two minor noble families, at odds with each other for years, are about to be united through an alliance of marriage. Since the end of the Emperor Wars, Lord Ifran Sudhra al-Malik has worked his machinations tirelessly to consolidate his power base on Criticorum. His endeavors have borne fruit; after months of negotiations, the Baron has arranged a marriage between the heirs of two of his prominent banner families. Sir Khalid Al’ahad al-Malik, a young knight and scion of a small Criticorum al-Malik family branch, is to wed Lady Asha Talib al-Malik, the daughter of a rival family. While the somewhat naive Sir Khalid is already in love with the Lady Asha, she has other ideas about an arranged marriage to her family’s former enemies.


Plying the jump roads is not without risk. Even as space travel has become more commonplace in the new era of expansion since the Emperor Wars, the perils are still numerous. Ne’er-do-wells of all types seek to profit from the valuable trade. After an unfortunate run-in with the Known World’s most feared pirate, Beliah Black, a short boarding action ended with the cadre captured and sold into slavery. With the Decados Count Enis Sharn importing slaves from all over the Known Worlds, the cadre soon found themselves aboard a Muster slave transport headed for the harsh frontier world, Pandemonium. En route to their new lives of toil, the prison ship is damaged in a freak micro-meteor storm and left for dead adrift in the dark. With only a few days’ grace before they risk their very souls, as the ship carries them out into the void beyond the Pancreator’s grace towards an unknown and uncharted planetoid, will Remi and his companions escape their dreaded fate?

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The Saga So Far

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