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Discover the daring tales of the Peacock Knight. Sir Remi Sudhra al-Malik and his entourage seek fame and fortune as they travel the Known Worlds in the second republic freighter, The Binturong. Learn about their latest adventures here.

A complete conversion of the Fading Suns material to Wizard of the Coast’s d20 Modern system, supplemented with additional resources from a number of other game systems including Star Wars saga edition and Stars without Number. View the conversion here.

Setting resources include thematic information and articles to aid players in better understanding the motivations of those living in the Known Worlds. Read more here.

Gamemaster resources include adventure conversions, role playing aids, handouts, and quick reference worksheets to create more enriching stories in the Fading Suns universe. Explore this section here.

Many have contributed much to the Fading Suns universe, the Tales of the Peacock Knight, and this website. See the full list of those wonderful individuals here.

Main Page

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