Dame Urshla Keddah

Agent of House Keddah


The Dame is a middle-aged woman with a trim duelist’s physique who obviously takes care of her appearance and physical fitness. Her hair is long and dark, neatly braided into a tail that reaches half way down her back.


A younger sister of Baron Halman Keddah, the dame is one of his most trusted agents. Urshla harbors a deep grudge against House Decados, whom she blames for the untimely and mysterious death of her husband. She uses her anger as a fuel to serve her house, plotting, planning, and dreaming about the day when Keddah will be free of Decados manipulations. On that day Urshla will let herself grieve but not before. In the meantime she has become a hardened soldier, incapable of placing complete trust in anyone (except her brother). Though she despises all that House Decados stands for she has become a mirror for them, plotting, scheming, ready to take advantage, she would be a good match for any Decados and a source of pride had she been born as one of them.

Dame Urshla Keddah

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